Reiki Masters (2000)

Pamela continues to use Reiki daily in her life. Over the years she trained with Reiki Masters Carl Mellieur, Brenda Holden and Lisa Powers and believes that Reiki is a therapeutic methodology for stress/pain reduction, elevation of consciousness and trauma release. You can receive distant healing sessions or attunements at Pamela’s studio or from the comfort of your own home in person or via skype/zoom.  Her school is recognized by Natural Health Practitioners Canada. 

Traditional Thai Massage (2004) 

Traditional Thai Massage is an energy-based healing system which combines acupressure, reflexology, muscle manipulation, herbal compress balls and assisted yoga stretches. She trained with Jeannine Duperron and continues to work with her teacher during the summer months.  Her school is recognized by Natural Health Practitioners Canada.

Hatha Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200 Trinity Yoga (2006) 

Adaptive Yoga with MJ Fetterly (2014)

Pamela trained to teach yoga in British Columbia and has been teaching regular classes for over a decade.  Her school is recognized by the Yoga Alliance and Natural Health Practitioners Canada.  She understands Yoga as a self-healing science which, when applied as a regular practice, offers a multitude of amazing results. Her specialty is the creation of space for others suffering from limited mobility, chronic pain & illness to be able to attend a yoga class with her and find relief, relaxation and support through gentle movement, guided visualization and breathing techniques.

Yoshea Healing (2005)

Pamela trained with Patricia Partridge, RMT, specializing in therapeutic touch for relaxation, recovering or critically ill people. 

Essential Oil Relaxation Massage (2013)

Pamela is certified in the clinical application of essential oils and aromatouch massage with DoTerra.

Professional Life Coach Certification (2014) 

Pamela’s training was with Master Coach Sian Lindemann and she has been offering life coaching sessions since. It’s Pamela’s mission to inspire her clients toward whole-life success, achieving balance in all aspects of life that are important to them – business, finances, health and well-being, spirituality, family and relationships and lifestyle. 

Pranic Energy Healing (2016)

The practitioner absorbs and projects prana (chi) and uses color to work with the aura and the major acupuncture points aka chakras. The energy of the client is scanned in person or from a distance and then cleansed, energized and stabilized as well as energetic cords are cut. The practitioner is able to make the client more receptive in order to accelerate the healing process. Pamela’s training in Pranic Energy Healing was with Rachelle DeGuzman


 ‘Elevate all levels of your being & embrace balanced wellness.’