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Are you looking for direction in your life?

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching with Pamela will help you with one or possibly each of the following:
-reflect & clearly define your dream life
-develop lasting life skills
-contribute to overall success in your life
-override stress/confusion/depletion
-empower self-esteem, motivation, confidence, prosperity
-gain inner guidance, clarity, ambition, discernment,  articulation
-outline optimal faith, career, health, culture, abundance, principles
-heal relationships
-cure wounded ego/victim consciousness
-live consciously/elevate consciousness/connect to deeper purpose
-remove blockages caused from trauma
-safe, sharing & nurturing environment
-self love/correction/healing
-create & practice consistent healthy life habits
-enhance mojo
-take responsibility for the direction of your life…and so much more!!

Interested? Ask me how to get started.

Pamela Joy Howse, Holistic Lifestyle Coach; Certified Professional Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor & Certified Massage Practitioner. Inspiring whole-life success – balance in all aspects of life that are important to you: business, finances, health and well-being, spirituality, family & relationships and lifestyle. Certified Professional Coaches have the privilege and responsibility of empowering, mentoring, encouraging and motivating their clients to identify goals and objectives, develop plans and continue on their path toward self-improvement, balance and achievement. Pamela has been involved with the ‘Holistic Health Industry’ for well over a decade and her practice is committed to creating positive, self-loving strategies for herself and assists others who are seeking to cultivate more self-awareness, transformation and spirituality through Holistic Lifestyle Coaching & Bodywork.

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~When mind, body & spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result. Signs of the absence of harmony, on the other hand, are discomfort, pain, depression, anxiety and illness in general. Unhappiness is a form of feedback. It signals that disharmony has entered the field somewhere – either in mind, body or spirit. Awareness has become disconnected. Only when we look at the situation in this holistic way can we link health, wholeness and holiness, for all three share the same root word, and all three share the same state of harmony or disharmony. You may have heard the saying ‘the issues are in the tissues’. This refers to the fact that psychological issues such as anger, depression, neurosis, hostility and free-floating anxiety are not simply psychological. They have a correlate in the brain, and through the central nervous system the brain makes every cell and tissue in your body aware that you have an issue. Deepak Chopra

Are you (or someone that you care about) currently seeking assistance with 1 or more of the following;

*Initiate a new fitness/nutrition routine

*Believe in and support your dream lifestyle

*Add structure to your life with step by step plans and accountability for weekly actions

*Develop insight in your life,  priorities & greater purpose

*Take control of focus,  take control of life

*Heal your past and turn it around,  gain confidence and stand in your power aligned with bigger life vision

*Make empowered decisions that will improve your relationships & career

*Look at your life and see what you see in your life as a reflection of what you really want

*Overcome procrastination

*Make it easier to follow through with what you already know you should be doing

*Solve problems by loosening their grip

*See life through new eyes,  look for the best version of you

*Support to have the healthiest body & discover the healthiest lifestyle that supports it

*Achieve exactly what you want in life

*Realize what really works in your life and what isn’t

*Feeling supported rather than feeling alone

*Stay on the wagon

*Set the bar higher and achieve your goals that you never imagined were possible

*Fuel opportunities and extinguish problems

*Establish healthy habits that align with how you want to feel every day

*Create smart strategies,  meaningful mindset & energy management

*Clear blocks so that you can move past whatever is holding you back in life

*Interpret life in a way that empowers you
If you answered yes to any of the above statements and you are ready to commit to change,  life coaching can help!!  Mention this post and receive $50 off your initial interview!!   Contact Pamela for more details!! 

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Creating wholeness by implementing various healing modalities:
Pranic Energy Healing
Chakra Balancing/Awareness
Meditation/Guided Imagery
Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
‘Promoting Health & Wellness Internationally’