AromaTouch Massage: Combining the physical & emotional healing properties of essential oils with a series of light pressured hand positions, to stimulate known body meridian and energy zones while intending to bring balance to the body systems & functions. $100 per 45 mins

Chair Massage or Hand/Foot Massage: For RELAXATION; to make the body/mind/spirit less tense or rigid. $1.50 Per Min

Yoshea Healing Massage: A very specific set of hand placements up and down the spine applying gentle pressure combined with a gentle rocking motion. Comfortable clothing please. $100  Per 45 mins

Relaxation Massage: Essential oils with a coconut oil base applied directly on skin. May induce happiness & peace within. $100  Per 45 Mins

Traditional Thai Massage: Let the body unwind as your masseuse uses a variety of techniques consisting primarily on energy lines & acupressure points. Lightweight clothing please. $100  Per 45 mins

Reiki for Relaxation:  Enjoy a tranquil atmosphere while your Reiki practitioner uses safe hand placements from head to toe while invoking the flow of Reiki.  Reiki therapy will address the body, mind & spirit while ultimately working towards balanced wellness. Comfortable clothing please. $100 Per 45 mins

Certified Professional Life Coaching: Initial interview: $300 (includes vision statement) or sign-up for 5 sessions $1200 + GST. Meetings may take place in person, computer chat, telephone.

Japanese Back Rollout: Relax while your practitioner runs a magnetic device along the spine.May increase circulation and stimulate detoxification. Comfortable clothing please. $75 Per 1/2 HR

Pranic Energy Healing: Chakra Balancing/Aura Clearing; Specialized techniques used to ease dis-comfort,  promote clarity, balance & purification of the body systems. Comfortable clothing please. $75 Per 1/2 HR

*All services are available at Pamela’s home studio or portable with applicable additional travel cost